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News from our arhive: Eminem Drops Suit Against Source

The end of the Eminem and The Source magazine court battle may finally be in sight — the rapper’s withdrawn his lawsuit against the magazine.

Em has dropped his Federal Court copyright infringement suit. This means The Source will be able to publish the lyrics on an old demo tape they obtained that feature Eminem making racially charged rhymes against African Americans. After the withdrawal, both camps claimed victory in the matter.

Eminem was declared to have full copyright of the demo tape and the court awarded him $131,000 U.S. in sanctions. According to AllHipHop.com, Source co-owner Dave Mays says Em is simply trying to avoid more embarrassment, so they feel like they’ve won. Source's other owner, Ray Benzino, says he’s tried to make peace with Em before by calling to chat with the rapper and his entourage, but the meeting was turned down.

In case you’ve forgotten about this story, back in 2003 the magazine claimed to have a demo featuring rhymes Em recorded when he was 15 years old and planned to include it with their February 2004 issue. But Eminem didn’t appreciate the magazine stomping on his wholesome image and publishing his songs without his permission, so he took them to court. The magazine was stopped from releasing the demos, but that ruling was later reversed. It’s been going on in this back and forth manner since.

In Slim Shady touring news, MTV.com reports that talks have begun about a possible Em/50 Cent/G-Unit summer tour. Stay tuned to ChartAttack for future announcements.

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