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News from our arhive: The Heck Want The World To Know Guitar Heroes

The Heck’s vocalist and guitar boy wonder Bryan Steeksma is on the line from Vancouver in advance of their upcoming showcases at CMW. The question at hand is whether or not the world is ready for the return of the guitar hero.

"I don’t know if they’re ready or not. I hope they’re ready," he says. Bassist Parker Bossley, also on the line, laughs and grunts to the affirmative. Steeksma and Bossley along with drummer Amanda Hamilton formed The Heck just over a year and a half ago and have quickly become the West coast’s au currant les enfants terribles having scored a number of high profile showcases, been snapped up by Peter Karroll at TKO management and inked a deal with Bif Naked’s Her Royal Majesty Records. Also, their average age is 17.333 and they can play circles around your sorry garage-band ass.

Steeksma picked up the guitar at age 4 and it’s his pyrotechnic guitar histrionics a la Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert that provide the flash point for most of The Heck’s material. Not that his bandmates are any slouches. Bossley began playing in sixth grade and Hamilton picked up her sticks at age 5. All this adds up to a band that handles itself with a skill and acumen that most players 10 years their senior are usually still lacking. With a video in the can for lead single "Insane" (directed by Stephano Barberis) and their album about to drop on HRM records via Warner later this summer expect to see their faces smiling back at you from the cover of every guitar publication on your local newsstand.

So Bryan, is the world ready for the return of Johnny Rockstar, Guitar God? "If they’re not ready, we’re gonna make ‘em fuckin’ ready."

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